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Opinion works with iOS 7 and above, and is a very simple app that allows you to record podcasts directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. With an intuitive user interface, Opinion features a record button at the top left of the screen when you're ready to start recording your podcast. Once you've record something, tap on the magnifying glass icon to edit your audio. Align the dotted line anywhere around your recording and tap on the scissors icon to cut a section, then tap on the trash icon to delete it. Go back to rearrange any audio clips you have by holding down on the three-lined icon and move them around.

Use the the share icon at the top right of the app to share your recording through iMessage, email, or directly upload it to SoundCloud. The UI is simple enough to navigate that I recorded, cut, and uploaded a ten minute podcast to SoundCloud in just a matter of minutes, using only my iPhone and headphones for a clearer microphone.

How I record podcasts on iPad only

As the name suggests, the software is for broadcast journalists. Where Apple Logic Pro X focuses primarily on music, Hindenburg provides a curated collection of essentials. Beyond that, Hindenburg comes with an automated equalizer that helps you maintain a consistent sound throughout each recording. The software works across multiple devices and allows users to plug in their USB microphone and start recording. Organization tools like the clipboard help you arrange the best sound bytes from every interview, add in music and effects, and insert multi-track clips.

Zencastr is perfect for podcasters working with remote guests and comes with an easy-to-use invite system that records each guest on a separate audio track. The software records each voice locally with pristine quality.

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Sometimes, recording remotely can present a few snags—like lag or audio issues. Which makes sense, given that the software is a lot like Skype or Zoom, just with a podcast-centric interface. Zencastr beats using your run-of-the-mill VOIP.

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It comes with redundant backups and keeps recording if you lose the connection. You can connect it to your Dropbox or Google Drive for access to files and easy editing.

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Zencastr also comes with a soundboard for live editing, which lets you insert your intro, ads, or other segments as you record. Zencastr also offers automatic post-production tools and lossless. WAV, but these features are part of the premium package. Free users get high-quality MP3, which sounds pretty good to the untrained ear.


Pricing ranges from a free Hobbyist plan, which includes two guest tracks and eight hours of audio. Podcasts are a fantastic medium for telling stories and connecting with people who share similar interests. And these tools will help you deliver your narrative, be it a true crime podcast or deep dive into your favorite video game.

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Spreaker, very similar to SoundCloud but with its own flavour. If you don't like SoundCloud and their fees, then check out Spreaker as a cost effective and user friendly alternative. It is what we are currently using for our own podcast. Again you will need a subscription plan to be able to store and deliver the podcasts.

Spreaker is better setup overall for podcasting in general with their own podcasting features, stats and RSS feeds for your podcast syndication.

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  6. Last but not least, I recommend iRig Recorder. The simplest of all audio recorders. It allows you to cut, edit and modify your recordings as well as optimise it. It doesn't however allow you to to publish directly online but you can potentially also connect in with SoundCloud, Spreaker or FTP to upload your audio files to another server. What ever your choice of podcasting recoding app, these are a good starting platform to get your started or when you find that you're in a situation where you need some recording done!

    Of course there are the inbuilt applications that come with most smart phones as well.