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WTH is going on? I reverted back from iTunes 11 to 10 as I found 11 so bad. Yes I want my sidebar back. Yes I wish Apple had made new views available instead of forcing them on us. Yes, I can not believe they got rid of list view! I look at that little orange icon and think, hmm do I want to click on that and wait for the spinning beachball of Mavericks and then try to search for my music in 10 thousand stupid little squares?

Why did you betray us Apple? Is there a bug that randomly makes some playlists in iTunes look empty when there are definitely songs there? All my playlists sync normally, and I can see the songs on my iPhone and nano. The playlists only look empty in iTunes. Has anyone else experienced this? I changed from Version What I got is n. And so on and so forth.

But, please, no Apple shortcuts, as I am using Windows! This will make it list as one album. They still exist on the hard drive though. The way iTunes sync works overall makes no sense to me. I use my portable devices for different things than my computers. Drag and drop would be fine for me. They need to make iTunes so that you can make it stop playing after each track, if you want. I miss being able to see the order things were sorted in. No anymore. I had to do a bunch of hacks just to put a black background in so white light is not blazing in my face all day. Thankfully, I read reviews like this before updating and will stay with 11 as long as possible or until Apple makes positive changes.

I need to type the correct version elsewhere and copy it back into iTunes. It is not functional. Apple has definitely lost its way. The idea of a file system is to make it easier to find files, not hide them in ever-deeper layers of menus. And thank you for alerting me to the concept of contextual menus. I had no idea such a dumb idea existed.

Reg Riemer. And especially the covers as I think in visuals. And whatever data I changed, does not get saved.

I can fill it in, click OK and nothing changes. Option-click for the iTunes11 look does not help either. And all I find on the internet are a lot of iTunes12 irritations and bugs. Nowhere do I see Apple responding anywhere to any of these issues. I want an update with fixes! With bringing back options that users, clients of Apple, want to see in the product. The software is there to serve customers, right? This view for me is totally greyed out for movies purchased from iTunes and the genres apple creates are all over the place.

I just installed version 12 and the biggest problem is that the sound gets choppy if I run Chrome. For example, as I type this, the music is stuttering for lack of a better word. What is up with that? Is there a way to go back to previous versions? I downloaded itunes1 the day it came out. Loved it. They have slowly ruined it though. Am I suddenly very dumb? TV shows do not group properly- sometimes I get a couple of sorts for the same season although the fields are all properly sorted.

Cant seem to find the issues. I was using manual to just drap and drop tracks. Apple is a disaster…. If I needed another reason not to upgrade to Yosemite, the 60 comments that I just finished reading here about iTunes 12 made it a no brainer. Every release since 9 has been like someone has come into my home office, totally rearranged everything in the most unintuitive way, like putting the stapler in the back of a metal file drawer and printer inside the waste paper basket and for no apparent reason.

What happened to the beautiful simplicity that Apple was so renown? I remember how focused and serially determined Steve Jobs was to make things simple, so intuitive that my grandmother would give it a go. Some things should not be changed, like tampering with the architecture of how music inventory is organized. What a waste, creating unnessecary frustration from a loyal customer base, never mind stupid.

They got rid of the ability to hold down option and do get info with the latest update!!!! Now there seems there is no way to get the old window back! I really miss cover flow. I would at least like an option to see a large size version of a CD cover without the miniplayer functions hiding most of it. Apple is taking away from that experience. Why offer any album art views at all if they are going to be even smaller than an actual CD? On a Mac, you can Command-Click on the album cover at the top of the iTunes window to open a large version of the album cover.

Is there a way to play music continuously on multiple devices when iMatch is enabled? Similar to podcasts…. Why are they modifying my systems — I am outraged — I have used iTunes for a long time but this is the last straw — they better fix this fast or I will join a class action law suit!!! Some songs I have bought have been damaged the last 30 seconds is missing — it took support 45 minutes to help and then have to give a credit to download the song again — I am not going thru my entire library to find damaged stuff — stay off my system.

Removing my playlist — for what ever reason is totally crazy what where they thinking. Ever notice the interface sucks — really how hard is it to put back the button on the slider so you can repeat things or go back 30 seconds. Select your iPod icon from the row of choices. In the sidebar, under On My Device, click Music. At the far right of the grey bar that the Music header is in, click the Add To… button I had to wait a minute and a half for it to process. Your mileage may vary. Click Done. He is not good at SW actually thats being kind — he is terrible, has no eye for style or color but he is brilliant at HW.

There used to be a tick box next to every songs and you can untick box for selected songs so that when I create a smart playlist, I would be able to select use only ticked songs. The tick boxes seem to have disappeared. My problem with iTunes 12 is that it continues to have the spinning disk problems when resizing a window or scrolling. But there must be a way around having to wait for the disk to stop spinning in order to play the song. I agree it is a complete disaster.

I m furious with apple for allowing so a stupid move with iTunes. Main reason I have an iPhone because it used to be simple to use. Everything made sense not like other programs.

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Now I really hated this freaking iTunes I have spent so much money buying music from IT so I can relax listening to it. I hope they reconsider allowing people to go back to the previous version or they are going to start losing a lot of customer starting with me and my family, we have iphones and feel the same way. All I want to do is change Filename to Track name. I have a collection of Lectures. I want to use their filenames instead of tracknames. Anyone has any suggestions? Everytime I try to edit anything righ click, edit info , the entire album list disappears.

If I click on the item it appears, but list just becomes invisible. Very annoying. Is there a setting to change this? Every time Apple updates iTunes, I have to figure how to use it over and again. I just wish they would stop fiddling with the interface once and for all. I hate this new ITunes. I hit the play arrow and nothing happens!!

Has anyone else lost music with iTunes My library went from 25, song to about The were from iTunes store. Most of my music has had the metadata changed, artwork and tracks lost etc. How can Apple think it is OK to change someones personal property like this. How would they feel if they came home and found the furniture rearranged and most of their art and other stuff missing? I think they would be calling the cops but what are we meant to do? I went back to iTunes I am running Windows I listen to audio books, right know I have almost books.

Then after I listened to a book and removed it from my iPod it would indicate on the list when it was last listened to. I now have version Apple did us no favors with these newer versions. I would like to see a way to dump this version and go back to the earlier version that worked best for me. I have movies on list view, with many columns.

Any fix for this?

iTunes album shuffle problem

In iTunes I was using iTunes I had tried iTunes 11 it upgraded unexpectedly when I upgraded my entire OS but iTunes 11 was terrible. Album art flow was super important. Controlable and copyable playlists were also a staple for me. And the very managable podcasts… These were all things that I loved about iTunes That was about a year ago. How did that happen? So, much to my chagrin and kind of against my will, I decided to test-drive it for a while.

Also, I can connect with my iPad now which I should have been able to do with But but but but…. Shame on you Apple. Super shame on you. Is no one running university courses on proper visual design any more? I only use Itunes for podcasts and I like to manage everything manually, adding and deleting as I go along. My itunes 12 in my ipad I cant see some music by Artist, I can only see all my music by arranging A — Z music not artist wise. Called stupid Apple techs, they cant even fix it!!

Anyone knows something compatible or a replica of itunes I can download for my ipad?? Can anyone help me please? Some of my movies have greyed out stars. Anybody know how to get rid of them? Yes tried the normal way of swiping left. Does not work. Stars still grey? I hated iTunes 11, too. I cannot understand why they took a perfectly good interface, and made it so difficult to use.

Also, I miss having the artwork in the sidebar. One window is enough. Meanwhile, since the For years I used to tell people to use iTunes, and tout its benefits. The problem for me is that Im a singer and i use itunes for my backing tracks, when i make my playlist 1st set, 2 set, it doesnt allow the check boxes on the left to uncheck so it will stop after every song, in the actual music library it does have the check box but not on a play list. Previous itunes did this for me so now im having to dive over to my mac to press the the space bar, very unpro.

The one removed feature that absolutely pisses me off is the ability to open playlists in their own window. I know you can edit playlists and they sort of open in their own window but come on apple…. To get iTunes to stop changing your personal tags. Uncheck the check box. I am really upset with iTunes Please help! It is no fun anymore to try to organize my itunes media folder in Windows However, they never warned me that upgrade would require iTunes 12 in order to sync my iPhone. I would have never upgraded iOS because my dislike of iTunes 12 was so strong.

That is what really irks me. When I do a search in itunes it only displays the items in the alphabet that fit on the screen, there is no way that i can see to advance to the rest of the pages. How do I see all of the matches that exist? It sometimes gets to the point where it assumes you mean another artist and wont even let you correct it! Its the most infuriating thing Ive ever seen software do in my life. I woulnt wish this program on someone doing hard time in prison. Jobs would never allow this to happen!

When I use MiniPlayer it will only play a couple of songs then I get the spinning beachball until I force quite iTunes. They are also in the main section of All Albums. I removed on from the recently added section and lost the entire album. I was able to reinstall it but it is back in both places. Any ideas on either concern? I have been using Macs since the late 80s and iTunes since day one. The degradation in usability is extremely frustrating. I used to look forward to upgrades by Apple.

Now I dread them. I guess they need to find someone with Steve Jobs skill of screaming at people for making such garbage. They load them in their iPhone or iPod, or play them on their car mp3 audio player…. I have both mp3 and mp4 videos in the same playlist… its a testing platform so to say. In previous versions of iTunes the song switched mp3 — mp4 — mp3, no problem. But in iTunes Anyone facing this issue? The only reason I keep updating is that I stupidly assume they will be taking care of the mistakes they made in the previous updates.

But, instead, they just double down on them and then add a whole new series of mistakes. I am furious with the iTunes development team, and I think they should lay off the Aderall, or not schedule major deadlines for the week before or after Burning Man. I have been working on these tags for over 10 years. With iTunes 12, the search function no longer recognizes a search for multiple tags. It will only find one tag at a time. Before, all songs that had those 3 tags would appear. This renders my 10 year organization system pretty much useless, because I cannot specify my own playlists of my own tags.

Do the people at iTunes even bother to test their software with real users before they impose unnecessary changes on us in order to justify their jobs??? Anyone else have this problem? Has this been fixed yet? I got rid of my iPhone and switched to Android because the iPhone was the only thing forcing me to keep up with iTunes. They are losing some serious long-term user loyalty over there in the iTunes department. Well… No longer!! Finally, they confessed that that functionality has been removed. They gave me a site where I can post my concern where I was assured the engineers looked for feedback.

Is there a way to revert to previous versions of iTunes? Preferably pre? Also, hoarding iPods. So many problems with this starting with clicking on songs in a playlist to drag up in the order then poof once you drop them the suddenly become unhighlighted and songs down where you just drag from become highlighted. This is a joke. I am going to have to uninstall this garbage and find an older version on the web and go back to when I could actually use iTunes. Not only what was recently added, but the entire library, which makes zero sense.

Only songs can be detailed and that makes sense… i dread the day they force onme icons for those too. In order to accomodate a recent purchase of an iPod Touch 6th Generation, I had to upgrade my iTunes from v Man is it awful! I have never seen such a complicated Apple program, or music player for that matter. So many iTunes features have either changed or been removed since Whatever good thing Apple had going with iTunes is nearly lost the iTunes store is still a nice resource for free podcasts. It seems the people who were trying to make Apple software easy to use have abandoned ship.

It has taken me several days to get back some of the familiar functionality of my media library. As a result, I will likely ditch the iPod altogether and go back to v How about the completely idiotic way of managing media on an iPhone? For audiobooks and music, the library is presented as one ling list of FILES, no grouping of any sort. Just what I wanted to see, every freaking song and chapter of every audiobook I have on my phone in one huge long list of text, totally makes sense.

Great job Apple. I want a simplified interface like in My OS is windows btw. It only displays 10 songs at a time. How do you fix that? I want to see my complete list and where it is on my hard drives. My Songs Library has the scroll frozen about half way down the window. Instead of scrolling the full window, only the lower half scrolls. I have found nothing on how to fix this issue. I have imported songs into iTunes that are in the. I then converted them to. However, when I navigate to my iTunes folder and open the folder with the album name, I only see the.

They show up in the iTunes player, but not in the folders. I need to be able to access the mp3s because I sell my music online in this format and need to grab the files. Does anyone know why both versions of songs show up in the iTunes player but only the wav versions show up in the iTunes folder? Why would they remove that?? How can I get it back?? This is as bad as it gets. I am new to this apple stuff and so far not impressed, i install i tunes because someone gave me a an IPOD 4 well my windows 10 saw it long enough to transfer my music after that it never saw it again, i am so fed up that i want to cancel my account guess what you know how your name shows up on the top right and you can click on it and see your account well mine does not all i want to do is listen to the music i have purchased over the years through legitimate sites well i find my android phone works best i will carry a battery pack with me to keep it charged.

Any ideas. Groups of them are alphabetized — others are way out of whack. Also the Most Often Played list no longer shows the play count on each track. Everything worked perfectly with iTunes Also when ripping a CD, you can no longer select individual tracks to be ripped and are forced into ripping the whole CD. Most disturbingly, artwork for multiple albums just randomly disappears. I have multiple external hard disks that hold my collection.

How can I get it back? Clicking on it does nothing…Nevermind… I found it under controls. I just want to listen to music. UX Designers trying to justify their job? By mistake I left myself logged in the last time I tried to get something from the app store and it seems apple can just upgrade at will. And according to them I can NOT go back. I have another computer that was not effected, possibly just drag itunes files over from that one. It never did that before. Daughter already moved off of it completely.

But she can learn linux and so on. Not so easy for an old fart like me. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I've tried to workaround this with playlists which I would have to do every change in my music library. But ok.

I held my anger and accepted this. Tried to create playlist. Do I have to do a thousand taps to create my playlists? Tap the selection in the divider at the top between "Recently Added" and the music list. A drop down will appear where you can select a means to sort. Select "Genre". You can use this same method to shuffle within other sorting schemes artists, albums, etc. Scroll to your desired Genre. A song within that genre should start to play.

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When you tap the currently playing song name at the bottom, the currently playing song will expand up. Make sure the Shuffle icon is lit at the bottom. If you have the "repeat" icon de-selected, playback will stop once all the songs in the selected genre have been played. While I know that you already answered your own question, in terms of playlist: You can also create smart playlists on your iOS device using iTunes on your computer while it is connected.

Due to their flexibility, I usually prefer those smart playlists over built-in filtering functions, but everybody to their own. That acts as a hidden play button for the genre. The only way to do it without making a playlist is to tell Siri to do it. Just say, "Shuffle country music". Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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How to Shuffle songs in iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 Music app

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