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Is there anyway to enable speakerphone microphone, or stereo microphone, as always on? Trying to take phone calls without a headset and non in speaker mode here Your microphone could be dirty, blow in it really hard. Or, take a toothpick and gently clean it.

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In my wife's case, it's something with her headphone jack that causes here microphones to be screwy. It thinks there's headphones connected and doesn't work after awhile. Reboot fixes it for some time. You could try Sound About app. Not very intuitive and didn't work in my case. Be sure to push it slowly in the little hole. Ummm, when ur recording video, it's stereo.

In the Samsung voice recording app there is a setting to record in stereo. During phone calls, I think only the bottom mic works in non speaker mode but both turn on in speakerphone mode. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. GalaxyS7 comments. Want to join? Open the Google app. In the top left corner of the page, touch the Menu icon. Disable noise reduction turn off Noise reduction in Samsung Galaxy S7? It is important to also try disabling Samsung S.

Must Read: How to root all android phones complete guide. If you have been smart enough to note down the firmware details that came with your phone, then downgrade to that very firmware via Odin. I was lucky enough to screen grab my default firmware. I had to upgrade my firmware to the latest Android Nougat v7. This is what I did:.

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That was how I was able to get rid of my microphone problem and it is still working fine up until today. I will now give you just three workarounds that will solve this problem for you if everything else fails. This is the best workaround for this problem: Use a Bluetooth calling device to make and receive your calls. We have thousands of Bluetooth headphones, headsets and earbuds. However, in recent times, people are leaning towards earbuds. Buy for yourself a very good earbud and you will leave the pains associated with galaxy microphone problems behind you.

A good earbud is stylish casual and professional.

How To Fix Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus Microphone Problem

With such an advanced piece of tech, you can continue using your Samsung Galaxy phones with a microphone problem to make and receive voice calls seamlessly. Prevention they say is better than a cure. I have just one preventive method for us all. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone that is not internationally unlocked, please do not upgrade its firmware via the inbuilt updater.

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Secondly and this should apply to all the phones you use. Make sure you take a full backup of your phone as at the time you acquire it.

How to fix Galaxy S9 Plus microphone won’t work during calls issue

Make sure you do not save your back up or your firmware information the phone that uses them. See a sample picture of how you can gather all the firmware information of your phone:. Finally, if you own a variant of Samsung Galaxy phone that was formerly locked to a foreign carrier, please think twice before you upgrade the firmware. If you must upgrade the firmware do so it via smart switch or kies. I hope this has helped out.

I can't hear anything on my Android phone

Samsung galaxy microphone problems is a big deal. I will reconsider my stance in the future before buying another Samsung galaxy. The fear of Samsung galaxy microphone problems is the beginning of precautions. Thank you so much for all your suggestion and assistance however the mic on My new Samsung J8 still does not work, please help. Aiman: what exactly is the problem with your samsung J8 mic. And can you tell us how it all started?

My mic stop working 2 days ago, I was on call using earpiece suddenly I heard a buzzling sound so I remove the earpiece and fixed it, the sound still continue so I end the call and called the person again since I end that call my Samsung s6 mic stop working. Please what can I do to fix it?

Danny: that is exactly how it happened to my s7 edge. Can you make VOIP calls without any issues?

Android Phone Speaker Fixes

I do not wish to change anytime soon all other things been equal. Notable amongst this is as S7 Edge galaxy that I just dump recently. The S7 has a strange microphone problem which I managed to solve after a lot of sleepless nights. Mr lemme, can I have your phone number my galaxy S7 is having that issue presently I need your help. Your email address will not be published.

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