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A niche but almost perfect phone. At Rs. After using for mor than 5 months I can proudly say that I made a good choice. Got to use it to feel it.

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That's what you will call it. Used it for almost 3 months and that's what i call everything at once. Smooth, powerful and elegant. Overall a good phablet. It has a stunning display and blazing fast processor. And it comes with Android 4. The deal breaker is its price. The only smartphone that does not known how to quit. This is the best smartphone.

It does have 4k video recording, I do video editing on it. Big flaw in your review, it does have 4k video recording.

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I have been using 4k recording for my speedpainting videos, and none of my other devices can even run the 4k videos that i take on this phone. This is a very powerful phone and has lots of advantages compared to other phones. Some of the top advantages are the removable battery for easy replacement, the micro sd card slot, the wacom technology screen and s pen, The 3gb of ram, quad core processor, and 4k video recording.

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I would say the only downfall to this phone is that it is not water-proof. I have been using this baby for 6 years and it is still my best device. Always a good thing. Lasts a day or more, depending on the usage. Excellent stand-by time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review: Jugger-note

Watching movies, shows, etc. No word on whether it'll be released on the Note 3. Really expected better sound experience, especially given that I use a pair of JBL headphones. I have pretty huge hands myself, but still find myself struggling to reach the farthest corners of the screen. More than a little inconvenient. Overall, I loved this phone.

Galaxy Note 3

True, I would've preferred the American Note 3, but this does just fine. Extra large. A very large and heavy weighing Lobel Lobel use annoying games is heated dust-proof and water with no slow motion camera sound not imagine 4k. Problem with my pen. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 News.

Android 5. Galaxy Note 3 third-party accessory issues not due to KitKat upgrade: Samsung. Galaxy Note 3 third-party accessory support affected by KitKat update: Reports. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Exynos-variant starts receiving Android 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reportedly receiving Android 4. Galaxy Note 3 shipments reach 10 million units in two months: Samsung.

It's amazing there appears to be no sharpening at 4k at all. The BMCC is no slouch in resolution either, but if you click original quality and watch the crops of the chart you can see there is a big difference. It needs to be a much less compressed recording or ideally a newer, stronger, more efficient and 4K centric codec. H is not really it. I recorded in 30p. There may well be a 25p or 24p option. I really like 30p recording slowed to 24p or 25p.

Samsung Galaxy Note III 4K UHD Camera Test. You'll Be Surprised!

Hello the galaxy note 3 n was a hacker and can now elevate the flow of his 4k codec. But the phone will need to be rooter and it voids the warranty and the operation is not very easy This is a moment that the hack was devellopper, I wanted to share with you this info. Sign In Register as New User. Make sure to join PV Telegram channel! Perfect to keep up with community on your smartphone. Compacts and Camcorders Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 4k 30fps, p fps.

Any SNS, IM or email alerts on Galaxy Gear are synced with host device, opening apps automatically when you pick up your Note3 neo so you can respond without delay. Auto Lock both locks and unlocks your device when Galaxy Gear is at a distance of 1. Show All Specs. Processor CPU Speed 1. Where and how can I download Smart Switch to move data from one mobile device to another? See The Answer. See All Support. How It Stacks Up.

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