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Had my phone up and running within an hour today.

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Excellent and friendly service and affordable too. Our experienced Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians can perform warranty repairs on most Apple products. Talk with our friendly, knowledgable team about your needs, hopes and wishes for your new technology. Stop into the shop or book a time.

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We take delight in helping our customers choose the best products. Take advantage of our specialist knowledge and experience! You can use this to have a one-on-one Mac OS X introductory lesson, or a data transfer. Got a quick question you think we can help with? As well as access to new parts directly from Apple, we also have an extensive collection of recycled parts.

More information about repairs and warranty

We pride ourselves on our repair quality and also speed of turn around, so that you have your computer back sooner. All repairs, in or out of warranty, are covered by a 90 day repeat service warranty. We recommend this service for all Macs once every 12 to 18 months. A description of the problem will also be written down into this file. Then the device will go to our technicians which will do their work with it. First, the device will undergo some standard tests. Afterwards, based on the problem description, more specific tests will be ran. A profound and careful analysis is the essential base for a good repair, this maximizes the chance for a long term result and minimizes the risk of missing your device again soon.

Does Apple give refurbished replacement phones?!

If your device is still in warranty, we will start the necessary repairs. You will be notified when your device is ready. When your device is no longer in warranty, we will make a detailed quote first. On the quote itself we mention the costs of the parts and working hours which are necessary for the repair. We will start with the repair once you approve the quote.

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  8. When you don't agree with the quote, we will charge analysis costs. For almost all repairs we need your password. Sometimes we will ask for your Apple ID. We only use this for the repair. We cannot continue the repair if this is still enabled. Repair time Concerning the determination of the warranty repair we need to distinct the private and professional users. On international level there is a 1 year warranty on Apple products. Thanks to the 'European Law for Protecting the Consumer' the warranty period in the European Union has been expanded to two years.

    Beware: this law only applies to private persons who purchase without a VAT-number. By signing up for AppleCare, the warranty period of a Mac can even go up to three years. Professional users are users like companies, associations, government agencies and educational institutions. For professional purchases a warranty period of 1 year applies.

    Ofcourse professional users can sign-up for AppleCare where the warranty on a Mac can be expanded to three years, two years for an iPad. The warranty on Apple products is only valid for hardware defects. Consequently, these are not covered by warranty: software problems of any kind, the loss of data, damage as a result of improper use, drop damage, moisture damage and cosmetic damage. For batteries and other consumable goods there will be a diagnostic test performed first. This in order to determine whether or not the problem is the result of normal wear and tear, or any abnormal defect.

    At a repair, you will receive three months of warranty on the replaced part. You don't need to stay deviceless during the repair of your iPhone. We offer you the opportunity of renting an iPhone. You can transfer the data to the loaner device by taking an iCloud backup of your iPhone first.

    Your repair options

    For more information, contact us here. Restoring a Time Machine backup is not always the best solution concerning this problem, because the problem cause or consequence is often hidden in this backup. In case we notice external damage, the warranty this device expires.

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    Prices vary in the United Kingdom , Canada , Australia , and other countries. The first deliveries to customers and in-store availability will begin Friday, October Related Roundup: iPhone XR. Top Rated Comments View all. If Apple really cared about the environment as they repeatedly claim to , they would make spare parts available at fair market prices so that 3rd parties or individuals can perform repairs themselves, especially as devices age out of warranty.

    iPhone XR Repair Fees Without AppleCare+: $199 for Screen Damage, $399 for Other Damage

    So you're not really repairing your phone, you're just buying a reconditioned phone to replace it. The Don Onez. What a ridiculous statement.

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    They should, considering that polycarbonate was an option. And to those who argue that polycarbonate is not as luxurious as glass: neither is the plastic case you're going to put on. What a rip. Not much of an upside but it's the way it is I suppose. Better to get hosed in-store than hosed with a 2 week repair time.

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