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What is XAPK?

DATA, or commonly known as Cache memory, is composed of various files such as audio, graphics, game scripts. It is a mandatory condition to run the game.

How to extract obb files to apk -- by ARJ Technical Point

You need to install this OBB file if you want the game to work properly. However, not everyone knows how to handle this kind of file. If you download a game from Play Store , the OBB file will load automatically as soon as you install the game without having to do anything. However, if you want the mod, unlock features… you have to download them on the Internet.

At this point, to install the game, you need to handle these OBB files. We will guide you on how to do this. The instructions below will help you install any game with OBB File. Now open My Computer, if you see the device icon, you have connected your device successfully.

Developer Usage

Now go back to the OBB file of the game you downloaded. Double click on it to open it with Winrar. Next, click on the directory that you see below. Select the location where you want to extract the file and then click OK. When it comes to the security of your device , you must exercise the same level of caution as you do for APK files, since installing a file from unverified sources may compromise your device and hackers can control it remotely.

You need to verify that the XAPK files are from a trusted and reliable source, and most important, that it's a signed version.

How to Add OBB files with Apk on Bluestacks I Share Data Between PC and Bluestacks

But before you hit the Download button, do make sure to go through the ratings and the source. The benefits of XAPK files are many. Since large apps tend to use them mostly, you can save internet data by downloading it once and then transferring to your other phone or tablet.

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It's also a huge time-saver. If you may have noticed, the download speed is slow at times in the case of in-app downloads. And this way you can avoid waiting forever for a download to finish. You can avoid all the unnecessary hassle that is associated with installing region-specific apps.

File extension OBB - Open the .OBB file

Installing XAPK files is a one-click process, saving you both the time and data. It needs a XAPK file installer. Or if you don't mind tinkering around your phone, you can play with the file extension and force the phone to treat it as an APK installation.

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The best thing about the installation process of APKPure is that it's simple and straightforward. As simple as that. Depending on the size, it'll need some time to process the installation. Once done you'll be able to access the game just like any other games downloaded from the Play Store.

This process is a tad longer process compared the installation using APKPure app and a bit complicated. But as I mentioned above, if you want to avoid installing an additional app, this is the way to go about it.

Steps on How to Install OBB File on Android

Step 2: After that, long press on the file to decompress it and it will reveal two major files — an APK file and an Android folder. If it's a fairly recent XAPK file and no new updates were pushed, the odds are that your game will start almost immediately. If you do encounter a suspicious app , the best thing to do is to kick it out from your phone immediately.