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Yes, this sounds like a no-brainer. However, depending on where you live, it may prove challenging. Since most of the best radio apps are free if only to try , you can find this out with ease. Second, you may wish to branch out beyond your local channels. Therefore, make sure your solution offers a diverse lineup of stations including those that feature music, talk shows, news, sports, and more. Next, you may think you only want to listen to the best radio stations on your phone live and with commercials. But premium solutions might change this thinking.

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The most beneficial radio app solutions are those that also provide extra features such as offline listening or podcasts, even if that means paying extra. Finally, the best radio apps should receive frequent updates to fix bugs and add new features. Therefore, avoid abandoned apps on the App Store.

TuneIn Radio is the best radio app available thanks to its vast, diverse library and ease of use. To date, TuneIn offers over , live radio stations from around the world across various formats, including music, sports, news, talk, and even podcasts. TuneIn groups stations by location and genre.

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A free TuneIn account is all you need to listen to your favorite stations in real time. A premium subscription also adds commercial-free music and removes display ads. Access to select audiobooks is also available. Download : TuneIn Radio Free, subscription available. The iHeartRadio app features live broadcast and digital-only radio stations numbering around While this might not sound like a lot, the stations are among the most popular in the United States.

Besides offering live radio stations, iHeartRadio also allows you to create custom stations based on a song or artist. The former gives you the ability to instantly replay songs from the radio and then return to the live radio station in progress. The latter combines the interactive radio functionally of iHeartRadio Plus with the addition of a personal music collection and library. Even though you are away from your home, you can enjoy your favorite local radio stations using your smartphone. This radio apps can work with Wi-Fi or 3G connection and play your local stations anywhere in the world.

What Makes a Great Radio App?

With iHeartRadio app, you can have all your favorite Music and favorite radio stations all in one place. This free radio app brings tons of podcasts with one single iOS app.

This iOS radio app can stream unlimited music. This radio app is the best bet for those who are looking for local radio stations and podcasts. The premium features bring you the add free experience with search and play option and on-demand music streaming from millions of song collections. The premium users can save and replay the radio programs on demand, and also download music to listen offline with playlist options. The TuneIn Radio apps can stream more than four million podcasts from all over the world.

With TuneIn app, you can listen to real radio stations, including sports , news, talk, and music. In addition to this, there is live sports coverage, talk shows , podcasts etc all in one app for free.

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When you are at home, you can assess the TuneIn app with Google Chromecast to listen to your sound system. Slacker brings the streaming radio with hundreds of stations. Access to highly curated music programming unlike anywhere on your iOS device through Slacker Radio. The online media streaming service is available in the US and Canada allowing to stream radio over the internet.

Choose a station, or enter a song, artist, or album to get started.

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Offline playing allows the people to hear their favorite tunes on the go without internet. Millions of songs available with a diverse subscription to get what you want with ease. The application is available on mobile, web, home and car platforms to give on-demand access to the users. More than hundreds of interactive and personally crafted music stations serve you best music. If you enjoy radio.

For any feedback please email us at support radio. Now in a matter of a minute my favorite stations from New York and Boston are locked in on my favorites page, ready to be punched up at any time! App is flawless as of now, and FREE! Now, I am happy.

1. TuneIn Radio

This app has a seemingly unlimited number of streaming stations in every genre. Most of the stations are commercial free, good quality sound, and the app itself has a clear interface and almost no ads just some unobtrusive banners. Thanks for your nice Feedack. It's good to hear that you are enjoying our app that much. Keep on doing it! Kind regards, your radio.