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The keyboard flaunting devices have since adopted Android as their primary OS, but before that was the case, they had an ace up their sleeves in the form of BBM. It finally made the jump from Blackberry devices to iOS and Android way back in but has struggled to gain any real traction thanks popular cross-platform services like WhatsApp and, of course, the iOS exclusive iMessage. So here are five solid alternatives that offer free messaging to jump over to — iOS users, well, you can stick to iMessage. I use WhatsApp daily, heck hourly.

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One advantage that WhatsApp as always had over services that require a PIN or login is that it plugs directly into your contacts list. Telegram prides itself on being one of the most secure cross-platform messengers online.

Why is Telegram Messenger better than BlackBerry Messenger?

An area that Telegram really beats out many others is the cross-device syncing. You can start a message on one handset and finish on your desktop for instance.

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  8. Either way, this Open Source option enables anyone to verify its security and audit the code. End-to-end encryption is par for the course with every message, and you can even make voice and video calls too. It has been around for a long time, longer than BBM — and now a little bit longer too…. Like the rest, it includes a desktop app, video calling, and group chat functionality on top. All chats are end-to-end encrypted too, while there are even features that allow you to pay for specific bundles of texts and calls when traveling. The biggest social media network on the planet has one of the best messaging apps attached to it.

    Below are the links for the same. One more developer has gone forward and made an unofficial application. Telegram for Blackberry unofficial is a port of the official Android Telegram sources telegram. There are some issues, however people behind the app are still working.

    In this OS you can actually install android applications in your blackberry mobiles itself. This feature is available courtesy of a new Android runtime included in the platform, opening the door to a great deal of new applications for all BlackBerry 10 users out there. Recently blackberry officially rolled out OS How, lets find out. Well that holds true for mobiles as well. For features about this online telegram app, please read this article. If you face any difficulty using the webogram on blackberry mobile, then please let us know in the comment section.

    Telegram Messenger for Blackberry Mobile Phones – VoipNina

    I will try to help you out. I request blackberry developers to go ahead, use Telegram API support and make an app for Blackberry mobiles. If you are requesting the same, then post your comments. Actually I was thinking if we could gather a substantial number and show our interest, then who knows Telegram may come with the Blackberry app very soon.

    I have seen this happening before, so past could repeat itself. Start by commenting below.

    BlackBerry Messenger vs Telegram Messenger

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